Grow Cube

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Grow Cube

Grow Cube

Grow Cube is an interesting game in which every player will have to join their wits as much as possible. Your task is to take care of the civilization of the little men living on a mysterious cube. If you can choose the right object at the right time, the cube begins to enlarge and eventually transforms into a beautiful city filled with frivolous little men. However, this is not a simple problem that you can perform in the first try.

A lot of patience will be needed when trying game variations. So try to put yourself in the minds of these hilarious creatures and give your imagination a free walkway. You will find that after a while you will start to prosper and incredible things will happen on the cube. Although this great game is quite challenging and takes a long time to master it, you will not regret it, you have started to play. Are you lucky enough to control an entire civilization that considers?

In short, Grow Cube game cannot be disappointed because its refinement and uniqueness far exceed your expectations. Completing the game means reaching the maximum for all items used. Experiment with the various options available to you and explore the paths that open from the right things. Your choices open up combinations and possibilities, which you must explore through trial and error. String the effects of your cube’s abilities accurately, and a wonderful and imaginative little creature opens up before your eyes.
How to play
Use the mouse to control this game
Click on the items and on each turn they will grow. You will finish the game when all board levels are maxed. They affect each other as they grow up, so be careful when you click on the order!