Clutch Hitter (ARCADE)

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Clutch Hitter (ARCADE)

Clutch Hitter (ARCADE)

Clutch Hitter (ARCADE) is a cool retro baseball game. Join the game you need to choose your team and then hit the US baseball field to show the world how a truly professional team handles itself! Try to hit and fall your way to win against the hard-to-progress teams and smash the home field as often as possible to win the tournament!

How to play

Polishing team

A / D: change the powder on the mound.

J: Bunt

L: Turntable

Handball team

A / D: change the pitcher on the mound.

Hold L to increase power and release to throw.

If a player is outside the court catching the ball, use the WASD to run


W + L to throw on base first

D + L to throw to the second base

A + L to throw to the third base

S + L to throwback home base.