Monster Truck Flip Jumps

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Monster Truck Flip Jumps

Monster Truck Flip Jumps

Monster Truck Flip Jumps is a four-wheel-drive game across multiple terrains and crushing things your way. You can perform backflips and frontflips with the help of steep hills and TNT.

Use your skills to drive and balance the monster truck. Just make sure you do it correctly and don’t let your truck’s body touch the ground or you’ll lose health points. Maintain your speed while jumping to avoid falling from the hill.

Collect as much money as you can while driving, use them to upgrade your truck and buy better trucks to conquer the track more easily. There are many levels of Monster Truck Flip Jumps and faster monster trucks to keep your adrenaline pumping.

Control the monster truck

Ws or up and down arrows to drive

An arrow to the left or to the left

D or right arrow to tilt right

Space bar to brake

Switch to nitro use