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Bejeweled is a straightforward fighting game. This game has been used almost all over the world. In the game, you will move each stone into rows of 3 identical rocks. They will then disappear, and the top bullets will drop, allowing you to create more combos.

Stones with different colors and shapes from blue, red, yellow, white are arranged alternately on a square board. You will move two stones side by side horizontally or vertically to form three stones of the same color and destroy them. Each time you make a line or vertical with three jewels of the same color, you will score 50 points.

The combination of four or more gems will usually bring a big reward, like bombs or extra points, the more flowers you combine, the higher the premium, the greater the score you score. Create four colored triangular stones that will score 150 points, and you will have a magic stone when you eat this stone, you will get much more significant points. And there are many other rewards when you destroy many rocks of the same color.

Reach the required score; you will pass that level and play at the next level. Each new level will have more attractive rewards, along with more challenging challenges. Bejeweled free has no time limit and several times played, so you are free to play this game, play anytime, anywhere.

There are many levels for you to conquer; each level is the arrangement of different stones, the difficulty and the attraction also increases with each level of play. If you fail at a level, you can play again from that level.

If you cannot find a path for your stones, you have the right to use the help by clicking the button that says Hint, then your suggestion appears, but the number of times it is restricted term limits, so you need to use them reasonably.

Bejeweled game is entirely free, you do not have to pay any cost to download and play this game, and the game is very entertaining, so it is the first choice of many players.

Bejeweled online is entirely suitable for all ages, so you can feel secure when letting your children and children play this game; it will help them increase their thinking ability.

To pass the next level and conquer this game, you need to score a lot of points. It is one of the exciting games on our website; many players have selected it as an actual time-killing game, an exciting game to keep them entertained. Also, our website has many other games, also extremely interesting, invite you to join and enjoy. Wish you have moments of fun gaming at our site.

How to play Bejeweled game

Bejeweled is played via mouse control or touch screen. Just left click or touch the gem to move and click or touch the location you want to move.

However, these two gems should be placed side by side in horizontal or vertical rows.