Clear Vision 5

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Clear Vision 5

Clear Vision 5

Clear Vision 5

Clear Vision 5 is the fifth part of the excellent sniper game series that has been loved and conquered by many people. The game is set in a store, in which the player is a cleaning character for that store. He was always scolded by his fastidious boss for small mistakes and was so disgusted with it.

On a day like every other day, he got scolded by his boss and didn’t control himself and killed his boss. Later, he went to interview for many things that didn’t get accepted, and from then on, he became an assassin. He returned to his familiar, messy, and dirty room to read the news and watch his missions. He receives guests from killing someone for money.

Each task will have a certain amount of money, and when doing that task quickly, you will receive bonus points. The more you complete the job and the faster the score. You will then go to the weapon shop and use the money you earn to buy new weapons. There are many weapons to choose from; each weapon requires a certain amount of money, the better the arm, of course, the amount you have to spend is large. These weapons help you kill your target faster and more accurately.

In this section, you return to your room, but the layout and functions of the room are also different from the previous section. The missions and goals are more upgraded; the pay is even more attractive. The duties are hired through specific letters of the problem. When you read a message from the sender, you can choose to perform that task or not, all in your control.

There are many tasks for you to accomplish, finishing a mission you will return to your home and into the rooms to make choices or make the next goal.

You will be guided in your home with double arrows, click on it to perform tasks, or return to the room.

Clear Vision 5 game requires players to have players with flexible reactions and the ability to read English well to understand and complete the tasks in the best way.

How to play Clear Vision 5 game

Use the mouse to make selections and adjust the aim.

After aiming correctly, use the left mouse button to shoot.