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Cube Zoobies

Cube Zoobies

If you love a 3D shooting game, Cube Zoobies is not a bad choice. Intense and realistic shooting angle is the attraction of this game. You are a tourist and trapped in a deserted city. You see a lot of zombies and they are bloodthirsty. You have to use whatever you can find to protect yourself and survive.

Zombies appear in waves and are growing more and more crowded. To start the game, you are equipped with a pistol. Take careful aim and try to take them down as quickly as possible. Traveling around the village you can find other weapons like machine guns and even rocket launchers. These new weapons will help you survive as the wave of zombies increases and becomes harder to destroy. Play Cube Zoobies, find a good location, equip a variety of weapons, and destroy a series of zombies.

How to play

Arrow keys or WASD = Move

Left mouse = Shoot

Right mouse = Zoom

1, 2, 3 = Choose weapon

Shift = Run

Space = Jump

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