Learn To Fly

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Learn To Fly

Learn To Fly

Learn To Fly

Learn To Fly is a game about penguins learning to fly. When penguins grow up and want to go out into the world, they need to learn how to fly. You play a penguin learns to fly. This is not simple, but you will do well if you practice flying regularly.

In the early days of flight training, the bird will travel a very short distance and receive several points corresponding to its length. It trains daily to improve. When you receive a large number of points, you will use to buy upgrades that help penguins fly further and cross the water. After that, it will gain more points, buy additional upgrades, including equipment such as gliders, rockets and you also need to upgrade the fuel for your rocket.

Each new component in the game can be upgraded several times to power up penguins. You can manually control the Booster if you need to be pushed a little more after the thrust from the initial launch weakens. It would help if you did it to avoid all obstacles that appear to obstruct the movement while keeping the level of drag to a minimum.

The higher the level, the more training it takes for days, and the more upgrades it buys, the more penguins will fly, the more difficult it will be as well as obstacles.

You have to train penguins to fly in the shortest time and gain the most points to achieve the highest rank.

You can play Learn To Fly game wholly free, and the cute characters combined with funny sounds will make players feel excited, and it will suit many audiences.

This game you can play online or download to play when you do not have an internet connection. Playing online will help you share your results on social networking sites, or you can also fight with many people.

How to play Learn To Fly game

You need to use the right and left arrow keys to move the penguin. Wait until you reach the jump, hitting the water with your stomach fast enough to bounce back. If you want to buy a rocket, press and hold the space key for the missile to be activated. You need a lot of practice to adjust the angle better, help birds fly further and faster to finish.