Epic Battle Fantasy

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Epic Battle Fantasy

Epic Battle Fantasy

Epic Battle Fantasy

Epic Battle Fantasy is a strategy game. In this game, you have to control your character to perform attacks against each enemy class.

First, you will buy weapons along with many spells. These weapons all have detailed information on their usage and combat ability.

You control two characters with two different shapes, fighting ability and using magic are also different. Each person will have a turn to hit or use magic, depending on your action strategy. It would be best if you both destroyed the enemy while strengthening your strength. Each time you attack, you press the action button, the screen will display the red circle where you choose to attack.

Each enemy class can have one or more enemies with different powers. The further the level, the stronger the enemy and require you to use special abilities to destroy. If you let the enemy take down your HP, you need to reload before it runs out. The HP bar means your character will die.

You and the enemy each have a turn for each character; the play for each side will rotate until one of the two parties is destroyed. If you are defeated, you will play this game again, and if the enemy is damaged, you will fight the next enemy class.

You need to use the appropriate battle tactics and upgrades to improve your fighting skills and destroy the enemies.

While playing, if you need instructions, please click help in the right corner of the screen, or there are some other options that you can click to use.

How to play Epic Battle Fantasy game

Epic Battle Fantasy game has straightforward gameplay but requires an effective play strategy to be able to win.

You will use the left click to perform all actions in the game.