Super Scratch Bros

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Super Scratch Bros

Super Scratch Bros

Super Scratch Bros is a fun and funny game, it requires meticulousness and accuracy from you. Here the game will give you a lot of surprises that make it hard for you to react acutely. The game requires not so high in playing techniques, just give you a good strategy to conquer every level of the game and win. This is a very interesting game and gives you absolute comfort moments after a hard and exhausting day. Any longer hesitates, try your hand at the game now. Wish you luck and win success!

How to play

W-Jump | Up arrow-jump

S-duck | Down arrow-duck

A&D-Move left and right | Arrows L&R-left right

F-Attack | N or space-Attack

G-Shield |M-Shield

UP Attack! – Jump+Attack

Side Slam! – Walk+Attack

Down Slam! – Crouch in air+attack