Vex 3

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Vex 3

Vex 3

Vex 3

Vex 3 is a challenging adventure of a stick figure. You must help your stick character overcome the challenges in each level to conquer all levels and try to complete them as soon as possible.

You have the flexibility to move, run, jump, slide, climb, cling to the wall, or swim to overcome obstacles as well as challenges along the way.

There are many traps and challenges along the way, there are straightforward traps, just a jump action combined with running is possible to overcome, but the traps are difficult to overcome. The walls are so high that you need to skillfully combine the ability to jump and run to be able to overcome. Static traps are sharp spikes or holes; dynamic traps are movable creatures or mechanical movements along with many other combinations that can take your life and when you touch them. You should take some time to learn about the rules of the traps before acting, so your chances of winning will be higher.

Fast speed and precise operation will be the key to your life.

Checkpoints are flagpoles that will appear scattered around your level. At those stations, you can revive every time you die. These stations make your distance short when you die, meaning when you die, you will be playing from the checkpoint instead of having to play from the beginning of the level so that you will save a lot of time. Space and not feel bored when playing.

Vex 3 game has nine exciting challenge stages and ten standard stages, along with challenging modes that will bring you different challenges and create excitement for you while playing.

There are color blocks in the game; these colors will help you a lot in moving and can also be a trap for you. Purple blocks represent weakness, and they will fall if you step on them, super-floating orange blocks that help you jump high into the air.

How to play Vex 3 game

Use the arrow keys or WASD to move, namely.

Use the left or right arrow keys or A or D to run to the sides, W or up arrow to jump and combine arrow keys or are character keys for jumping from side to side or climbing walls quickly.

Down arrow key to perform new behaviors by standing on their action block and pressing down arrow key.