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Run game – Experience fantasy land at top speed with our collection of run game! Each challenge puts obstacles on your way. The missions and environment change with each story.

Runaway from a wolf disguised as your grandmother, or clear the village roads as quickly as possible. You can pick up items and coins to earn points, and perform flips and combos to receive rewards. Whether you run for fun or survival, your adrenaline will be pumped!

Running is a significant sport in sports competitions such as the Olympics, and professional athletes have unbelievable stamina and willpower. Control the running alien as he walks through the space maze. You will need to maneuver and jump around the gaps in the road to avoid falling! Do you have the skills to find a path at the hardest level? The arcade running game takes you to familiar worlds, where you have to crossroads and logs without being attacked.

Ski through the snowy slopes, and avoid the trees and wooden poles on the field. You can playback any music to try to make time faster.

How to play Run game

Choose the infinity mode or adventure games.

Press SPACEBAR to start running. Use the arrow keys to run or slide through the 3-way course.

To rotate the maze, move the aliens left or right then continue moving to the wall until it rotates if the game seems too fast, press pause (or press p) and move the mouse over the quality settings.

Click on the FPS box and change the number to 99. It certainly makes those jumps easier! This game requires high concentration and memorization!…