Moto-Psycho Madness game

Moto-Psycho Madness


If you love racing games, go to Moto-Psycho Madness game. When you join this game, you are like taking part in a thrilling ride. The game takes you to the visceral excitement of the high-octane world of stunt racing, off-road bikes, high jumps, and low levels of self-control. Choose from four different types of motorbikes, increase gears, and roll. You must crossroads with flashing lights or through deserts, jungles, and city streets. Let Moto-Psycho Madness take you on a thrilling open-world ride that allows you to experience a complete change in speed.

How to play

You use the key arrow or ASDW key to drive.

1, 2, 3, 4 = Choose a motorcycle

Space bar = Brakes



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